SKB Stage Five Pedalboard

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(2) 1.3 amp VAC jacks for powering pedals from Digitech and Line 6, etc
(2) variable DC jacks to allow any voltage from 4-12 volts, simulate and "almost" dead battery
(4) standard 9 VDC jacks for Boss, Electro-Harmonix, etc
(1) 18 VDC jack for MXR EVH Flanger, etc
(2) 24 VDC jack for boutique and vintage pedals
(2) 9/12 VDC jacks to accommodate additional boutique and vintage pedals.

Rotomolded for durability
hardtop cover
Comfortable rubber Over-molded cushioned handle
Two 1.3 amp VAC jacks for pedals from Digitech and Line 6
Two variable DC jacks for any voltage from 4V to 12V
Four standard 9VDC jacks for Boss, Electro-Harmonix, etc.
one 18VDC jack for MXR EVH Flanger, etc.
One 24VDC jack for boutique and vintage pedals
Two 9/12VDC jacks for more boutique and vintage pedals
All DC jacks have polarity switches
All power outputs are completely isolated, filtered, regulated
All power outputs include short circuit protected
Built-in cable tester
Includes headphone amp and buffered preamp
Includes cable management system for easy cable routing
Includes angled mounting surface for easier reach
capable of "true stereo" setup (route pedals to the front AND effect loops of two different amps)
Detachable main power cord with international power supply

Работает идеально, все виды питания.
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